Using 3D Glasses During Ophthalmic Surgery

October 22, 2019

Reveal new worlds of eye procedures with 3D technology. 3D glasses are known for their use in movies and video games alike, but for surgery? This sounds unreal to some, but with new state-of-the-art technology, 3D glasses are becoming the main proponent of eye surgery. This system is almost like playing a video game. Dr. Nguyen wears these 3D glasses along with a special screen to perform eye procedures. The surgical team can see what Dr. Nguyen is doing with the screen as well. This is exciting for the entire team as they get to truly immerse themselves with this technology.

Dr. Anh Nguyen likes to stay up on the latest advancements and technologies in the field to make sure that she is offering her patients effective treatments with the best possible care. Recently, she has been trained in and used the NGenuity® 3D Visualization system during her surgeries. This is one of the latest developments in technology for eye surgery. Dr. Nguyen is the first ophthalmologist in the Virginia area to use this system during surgery! She is continuously keeping up to date on advancements in her field to offer the best experience and results for her patients.

Dr. Nguyen sporting her 3D glasses during a procedure.

What Does This Mean for Dr. Nguyen?

This system is great for surgeons because it allows for more effective surgery as they make fewer focus adjustments with this 3D system. It has been proven to maintain a sharper focus with up to 5x extended depth of field. Overall, this system allows Dr. Nguyen to see clearer and focus more on the intricacies of the eye, which were unable to be seen before! Using 3D technology is like finding whole new worlds. This allows for a more effective surgical procedure for her patients.

What Does This Mean for Patients?

The 3D glasses and the screen work together to create a bold, new surgical device to help doctors treat their patients more effectively. This system could help to refine your eyesight more than ever possible before.

Patients, doctors, and team members alike are amazed at what you can see with this technology and the results that come from it. Our team loves being able to stay on top of the latest techniques and advancements. Dr. Nguyen strives to provide the best, most effective care for her patients, by using this advanced 3D system, she can be sure that she is doing so.

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