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“Dr. Nguyen and her team were great! When I needed a growth on my eye removed, Dr. Nguyen did a great job of explaining the problem and taking care of it quickly with no discomfort. If you’re looking for an inviting staff and a knowledgeable, friendly Dr., this is your office!” -Todd K., Stroudsburg, PA

“Dr. Nguyen performed my PRK procedure earlier this year. I went to her looking for Lasik but she said I was not a candidate and that PRK would be a better option. I actually got a second opinion on Lasik vs. PRK because i was afraid I should not have either procedure and she was steering me toward PRK just to get my money. Second opinion said I could probably do Lasik but was a borderline candidate. That made me have more confidence in Dr. Nguyen’s recommendation and I went with her.  The office is very calming and has a zen vibe going on. They have a Lasik consultant who helps you through the process, checks on you, and is generally very helpful. Dr. Nguyen is polite and answered my questions well. The actual procedure wasn’t bad, the recovery was uncomfortable but only for about 2 days, after that I improved. A month out, my vision is good enough to drive but reading a book and using a computer are very difficult. This is normal for PRK (I think) but a little annoying.” – Sarah S., Arlington, VA

“Dr. Nguyen performed a LASIK procedure on me and went very well. I now have amazing vision because of her. Her staff is very friendly and professional.” – Vinh N., Washington, DC

“Dr Nguyen and her team personify excellence. Their office/facility is very clean and comforting. This factors in largely when you are as anxious as I was. I wanted to have vision correction but the more I researched it, the more nervous I became. Dr Nguyen’s office is very thorough; they check and recheck you to make sure what procedure is best for you. They educated me on all my options which included not having anything done. I asked my regular optician for a second option and she fully encouraged me to proceed. A last minute check by Dr Nguyen pointed to PRK being the best for me. The procedure itself was very quick with minimal discomfort. They did such an amazing job that I recovered with little disruption to normal life. I didn’t have to miss work. I have had no issues driving at night, etc.  Dr Nguyen’s office uses the latest technology. It is kept in top condition. I also found pricing more than reasonable with respect to the quality of work and equally important, the peace of mind you get. I completely recommend visiting Dr Nguyen’s office for an assessment if you are considering vision correction!” – Shiho F. Alexandria, VA

“Couldn’t find a more competent and caring doctor. I loved my experience with Dr. Ahn and her office. Im so pleased with my lasik results too – how I didn’t do it sooner confounds me. This is a 100% unequivocal vote for lasik and for Dr. Ahn !!” – Megan L., Arlington, VA

“Dr. Anh performed my lasik procedure last week and everything went smoothly! Hours after my procedure, I had 20/20 vision and it’s been amazing! I had no discomfort during the procedure or during my recovery. I was borderline lasik/prk and she gladly answered all the questions I had regarding my options before scheduling my surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Anh and couldn’t be happier with my results!” – Layla N. Chantilly, VA

“Very simple and easy eye surgery! I would even say choosing to get Lasik was the best decision I have ever made. Layla was very helpful throughout the process and Dr. Nguyen did an amazing job. I highly recommend BostonLaser for anyone who is considering Lasik. They have the most up-to-date technology that makes the surgery painless and the recovery time quick.” -Arezu H. Ballston, Arlington, VA

“Dr. Nguyen and Layla were great! Dr. Nguyen explained all of my options in great detail and left me comfortable with my decision and question free. They called me several times to make sure that I didn’t have any questions both before and after the surgery. They even called the weekend before my surgery. That’s dedication! I really felt like they created a doctor/patient relationship that was based on comfort and trust. My new eyes are wonderful! My only regret is that I waited so long. Thanks for the marvelous experience!” -Amy J., Manassas, VA

“Dr. Nguyen, at the outset, let me say how very pleased I am with my Lasik surgery. After 30 plus years of wearing glasses and contacts, it is a joy to wake up and not have to grope for glasses! What a difference! The mono vision correction suits me well. The surgery was painless and very quick. There was minimal discomfort that evening and with the numbing drops I slept peacefully through the night. Upon waking the next day I was able to see with almost perfect clarity. As you know, I was able to drive in unassisted, however my husband insisted on bringing me to my follow-up appointment the next day. I can’t tell you how happy I am. I only wish I had not waited so long.  You are the best! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!” – Sharon P.

“I can’t believe I waited so long to get Lasik. Dr. Anh Nguyen performed my procedure and I couldn’t be happier. She was very warm and friendly. Before my surgery she spoke to me in detail about it and got to know me as a person not just a patient. On the day of the procedure she and her assistant Layla calmed me of my last minute jitters and put me completely at ease. The surgery was fast, pain free, and I could see immediately. For all my follow-up exams Dr. Nguyen and I have become close and I can honestly call her a friend. I have gladly told all my friends, family, and co-workers what an incredible doctor she is. If anyone is looking for a competent, friendly eye surgeon, look no further than Dr. Nguyen.” – Wyoma J., Springfield, VA

“I wanted to give my daughter the gift of sight as she headed off to college for the first time…I could not have put her in better hands than doctor Nguyen.”– Kim B., Woodbridge, VA

“I would start by saying “What an eye opener” and thank Dr. Anh Nguyen, Layla and the rest of the staff at Cornea Consultants of Va. for the kindness and professionalism they expressed during my Lasik surgery in February 2011. Dr. Nguyen was very informative in the procedure process that would take place before and after surgery. Being unsure of what to expect she was there all the way to reassure me. I’m very pleased with my outcome and would do it all over again tomorrow. I wore glasses for being near sighted, 20/70, since 6th grade and now at 53 years old I have 20/10 vision. I love only wearing glasses to read. If you decide to have Lasik surgery one of the requirements is that you buy Layla a box of chocolates. Thanks for the wonderful job and new friends.” -Chuck H.

“I couldn’t be happier with the results of my procedure performed by Dr. Nguyen. The care and precision with which she conducted herself in the operating room as well as the examination room really set my mind at ease, knowing I was in good hands. My eyes healed quickly and my vision is better than I ever imagined it could be, it truly feels like a whole new world with perfect vision!” -John, Reston, VA



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