Why Should I Consider Ortho-K?

October 13, 2021

Ortho-K, or Orthokeratology, is a new option for correcting vision that is rapidly gaining in popularity. As opposed to options […]

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5 Tips For Healthy Eyes

October 8, 2021

We use our eyes every day for almost every single thing that we do. However, many people seem to take […]

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How To Pick The Right Pair Of Glasses

October 7, 2021

Just like any other accessory that you wear every day, your glasses are something that you want to pick according […]

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What to Expect with LASIK Recovery

September 8, 2021

The LASIK procedure helps patients achieve optimal eyesight. However, like any other surgical procedure, expedited recovery requires following certain steps. […]

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How Important Is It To Wear Sunglasses?

August 2, 2021

With the summer months and warmer weather approaching, many people will be spending more time outside, taking trips to the […]

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Is LASIK Dangerous?

July 21, 2021

LASIK is one of the most effective and safe options for those who want to improve their vision without needing […]

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Regular Eye Appointments and Why They Are Important

July 6, 2021

Going to a doctor and a dentist are both big parts of taking care of your health, but many people […]

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Optometrist, Ophthalmologist, Optician — What’s the Difference?

July 1, 2021

Do you know the difference between an ophthalmologist, an optometrist, and an optician? If you’re not sure, you’re not alone. […]

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What are the Symptoms of Macular Holes?

June 30, 2021

A macular hole is a defect on the part of the retina tissue of the eye that affects central vision […]

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