Ptosis Surgery

Are you experiencing a sagging upper eyelid that is affecting your vision? Ptosis surgery might be the solution you’ve been looking for. Our skilled eye doctors specialize in this operation, which involves tightening the muscle responsible for lifting your upper eyelid. Let us explain how ptosis surgery can improve your vision and provide the necessary information to prepare you for the procedure.

Understanding Ptosis

Ptosis is a condition where the levator muscle, responsible for raising your upper eyelid, stretches and weakens over time. As a result, the eyelid droops, obstructing your field of vision. Ptosis surgery aims to correct this problem, helping you regain clear and unobstructed eyesight.

Benefits of Surgery

The primary goal of ptosis surgery is to improve the position of your eyelid, ultimately enhancing your vision. By addressing the sagging eyelid, this procedure can eliminate the interference and provide the visual clarity you deserve.

Are There Alternatives?

There are two other options apart from ptosis surgery. One is another surgery called a “mullerectomy” that is similar to ptosis surgery and hides the incision line under the eyelid. The other alternative is the use of prescription eye drops, but these do not address the underlying issue and are short lasting.

The Surgical Process

Ptosis surgery is typically performed under a local anesthetic, administered through an injection or eye drops. The procedure generally lasts between 45 to 90 minutes, depending on whether both upper eyelids require treatment.

During the surgery, our skilled surgeon will make an incision along the natural skin crease of your eyelid. They will then stitch the levator muscle, reinforcing its attachment to the eyelid and adjusting its height as needed.

Preparing for the Procedure

To ensure a successful surgery and smooth recovery, there are a few lifestyle changes that you should consider. If you smoke, quitting before the surgery can reduce the risk of complications and improve your long-term health. Maintaining a healthy weight is also important, as being overweight can increase the likelihood of complications. Additionally, regular exercise can help prepare your body for the operation, aid in your recovery, and contribute to your overall well-being. It’s advisable to seek advice from your healthcare team or GP before starting any exercise regimen.

Recovering from Ptosis Surgery

After the procedure, you will typically be able to return home after a few hours. However, there are certain precautions you should take:

  • Avoid getting your eyelid wet until the stitches are removed.
  • Refrain from engaging in strenuous exercise or bending down.
  • Do not wear eye makeup or consume alcohol for a few weeks.
  • Protect your face from excessive sun exposure.
  • Avoid swimming for at least four weeks.
  • By adhering to these guidelines, you can support the healing process and maximize the effectiveness of your ptosis surgery.

Regain Your Confidence and Vision with Ptosis Surgery

If a sagging eyelid is interfering with your vision, our skilled eye doctors are here to help. Ptosis surgery offers a reliable and effective solution to address the underlying issue, ultimately improving your quality of life. Contact Anh Nguyen Ophthalmology today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards restoring your vision and confidence.


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