What to Expect From ICL Eye Surgery

October 18, 2022


ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens) surgery has been performed millions of times and is a great alternative for people who want to permanently correct their vision but are not good candidates for laser procedures like LASIK or PRK. It can often be difficult to find a qualified and experienced ICL surgeon in your area, but Anh Nguyen Ophthalmology in Falls Church, VA provides excellent eye care to patients searching for ICL surgery.

What is ICL Eye Surgery?

During ICL surgery, a small and highly specialized lens is implanted in front of the natural lens in the eye. This lens functions much like a permanent contact lens that does not need to be removed and cannot be felt. The surgery is painless and typically takes only 30 minutes.

Why Would Someone Need ICL Surgery?

ICL is different from laser surgeries like LASIK and PRK that reshape the front of the eye to correct refractive errors. A “refractive error” – such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism – makes your vision blurry because it bends light as it enters your eye in a way that prevents the light from focusing correctly. This is similar to what happens when a camera becomes out of focus, but refractive errors are permanent conditions that will only go away if they are corrected.

While LASIK and PRK are both highly effective options, people with very high glasses prescriptions or thin corneas may not be good candidates for surgeries that reshape the front of the eye. ICL has the advantage that the front of the eye is not affected by the surgery, meaning that it is possible where LASIK and PRK are not.

Benefits of ICL Surgery

People who utilize this eye surgery can expect some truly outstanding benefits:

  • Improved night vision
  • Able to treat severe nearsightedness
  • Suitable for patients with thin corneas
  • Reversible results
  • Lower risk of dry eye
  • Quick recovery

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Millions of people who suffer from blurry vision choose to have their sight permanently corrected. If you want to know if ICL is right for you, schedule a consultation today.

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