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Do I Need a Retinal Exam?

June 30, 2021

Retinal exams are an important part of an annual eye exam. This exam is an enhancement to regular eye exams. It can help to ensure that there are no problems with your eyes.

What is Retinal Imaging?

Retinal imaging uses a digital camera to get a clear view of the inner eye. This includes the blood vessels, optic nerve, macula, and retina. Once the image is taken, it is examined by an ophthalmologist for various eye diseases. The image is also saved to be compared with examinations that you have later on.

If your eye doctor sees a disease or condition in your eye, they will perform this test again with other, higher-resolution imaging techniques. This can include fundus photography, b-scan ultrasonography, and ocular coherence tomography.

Finding out if you have an eye disease or condition is important. Left untreated, these conditions could eventually make you lose your eyesight. The sooner an issue is found with your eyes, the quicker it can be corrected. Prevention is key when it comes to your eyes, and retinal imaging can help to protect your sight.

The Cost of Retinal Imagining

Typically, most vision care plans do not pay for retinal imaging at this time. Fortunately, this procedure is not very expensive. Eye doctors usually charge between $15 to $50. For the most accurate estimate, speak with your eye doctor about how much it will cost.

What Equipment Is Used?

There are several different devices that can be used for retinal imaging. Each one provides a great picture of the inside of the eye. Your eye doctor will make the determination on which to use depending on your eye history. If he or she sees something going on with your eyes, they may use some of the other techniques to better see and understand what’s going on.

  • Fundus Cameras – A fundus camera produces the highest resolution image available. It provides a 30-50 degree view of the retina, allowing the eye doctor to see the inside of the eye extremely well.
  • Optos UWF – The Optos ultra-widefield imaging device renders a 200-degree image of the inner eye. This machine does not have to use any dilation drops and is one of the most popular cameras used by eye doctors today.
  • iCare Eidon – This machine uses a true color scanner. It can take 60-degree images and can combine seven different pictures for a 110- degree view. This particular machine is popular because it can provide better color and resolution than other imaging devices.

During your next eye exam, ask your doctor if you should have a retinal imagine. Retinal imaging can help to see if there are any inner problems with your eye that can be caught early and treated effectively. Addressing these problems early can help to prevent future, more serious eye issues.

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