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Contact Lens

June 29, 2018

Are contact lens are bothering you?

Let’s say you’ve avoided the mistakes and done the best you can to keep your eyes in good shape. You’ve researched the allergy forecast, put on your contact lenses, headed outdoors and…your eyes are still irritated. What should you do to alleviate the pain and get your eyes back to normal?
The first thing you should do is to notice the symptoms:
• Red or dry eyes
• Eyes irritating, burning, stinging
• The feeling of a foreign object in your eye
• Blurred vision
• Excessive itchiness

What to do next?

Remove or replace your contact lenses. If any of the symptoms above seem extreme or abnormal, switch to glasses (boo!). This is the opposite of our goal with this post, but it’s important that you both maintain your vision and remove any irritants that can only make the situation worse.
• Look at the lens itself. Can you clean it in the proper solution and try again? Does the irritation itself stop after removing your contact lenses? These are the key questions you need to ask. If the irritation continues well after removing your contact lenses, you’ll want to contact your eye health professional to find out if there are any deeper or underlying problems. (Remember to handle your contacts with clean, dry hands!)
• Invest in eye comfort. Sunglasses can reduce the strain on your eyes. Getting away from screens can reduce the strain on your eyes. Do what you can to get your eyes comfortable again, double-check whether your eyes are still irritated after removing the contact lenses, and evaluate. You may have to contact your eye care professional if nothing changes.

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