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3 Unexpected Benefits of Cataract Surgery — Not Just Better Vision

April 14, 2022


Cataract surgery can be a wonderful option for restoring your sight when your eyes’ natural lenses become cloudy. Over time, the procedure has gotten safer and more effective and is often capable of completely restoring your natural vision. However, many people are not aware that cataract surgery can have many benefits other than simply improving your eyesight.

Improved Mental Health

You may not realize it if you haven’t had cataracts, but the truth is that healthy vision means so much more than having good eyesight. Vision is how we take in the world, how we get ourselves from one place to another, and how we can keep our own independence. This doesn’t mean that people who lack vision can’t have these things, but as people with poor vision know, it does make it tougher.

The simple truth is that losing your vision can take a psychological toll. Studies have found that vision loss is tied directly to an increase in depression rates because it restricts people’s ability to engage in regular everyday activities.

Reduced Risk of Accidents

Having the ability to see well makes you less likely to fall and hurt yourself. Cataracts can make it harder to see in the dark, make objects appear less sharp, and make you more likely to fall and hurt yourself.

There is solid evidence to back this up. One study found that the risk of suffering fractures after cataract surgery was reduced by up to 16% because of the decreased odds of falling and hurting yourself after your vision has been improved.

Improved Quality of Life

The reasons behind cataract surgery can be complex. Oftentimes one of the biggest reasons patients choose to undergo surgery is because they are not experiencing the quality of life that they want. When someone can’t see, it can be harder to maintain connections with friends and loved ones due to the embarrassment that eye trouble can cause. For example, going to a restaurant with family may be more difficult because someone has a hard time reading the menu. A person may also feel restricted because they are less able to drive themselves from place to place if they are having vision trouble, and they may not want to lean too heavily on other loved ones for transportation.

Thankfully, cataract surgery can restore this sense of independence and make it easier for people to spend time with their loved ones again.

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