Here at Anh Nguyen Ophthalmology, we pride ourselves on offering the best care in the area. This means providing our patients of all ages the right procedures for their particular needs. If you are looking for highly skilled and experienced ophthalmologists, look no further than Anh Nguyen Ophthalmology!

Our wide array of surgical procedures include:

Laser Vision Correction

Laser vision correction is only growing in popularity as people move further away from traditional methods of vision correction. Laser Vision Correction includes LASIK, PRK, and more.


This popular laser vision correction procedure is known for being quick and effective. During LASIK, your surgeon will create a corneal flap and reshape your cornea using a series of powerful and precise lasers. After LASIK, most patients are able to achieve 20/20 vision!


PRK is the predecessor of LASIK, but is still widely used today. The aim of PRK is the same as LASIK, to reshape the cornea. However, during PRK the first layer of the cornea is removed entirely. No flap necessary. The recovery may take a little longer, but the results are comparable and this procedure is safer for some.


An ICL, or implantable collamer lens, can be used to correct vision as well. During this procedure, your surgeon will implant a small lens. This acts much like a normal contact lens, however requires no maintenance.

Refraction Lens Exchange

A refractive lens exchange, or RLE, completely replaces the natural lens inside of the eye. This procedure is similar to cataract surgery. During this procedure, the natural lens inside of the eye is replaced by an artificial lens. This new lens can correct common refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and even presbyopia!

Cornea Surgery

Your cornea is a delicate tissue, and is susceptible to many different types of conditions. If you have a corneal disease, finding a surgeon who is extremely skilled and experienced is key. At Anh Nguyen Ophthalmology, our corneal experts can handle just about anything you throw their way.


PK, or penetrating keratoplasty, is a type of corneal transplant in which a button-shaped, full thickness section of tissue is removed from the cornea. These are often performed on diseased or injured corneas. While not performed as often today, PK is still performed in certain cases.


DMEK, or Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty, is a partial-thickness corneal transplant.


CXL, or corneal cross-linking, is a treatment used on patients with keratoconus. Keratoconus causes the cornea to become a cone-shape. This can cause extremely blurry vision and may eventually require a corneal transplant. Corneal cross-linking has been shown to help slow the progression of this disease and possibly eliminate the need for a corneal transplant.

Retina Surgery

The retina is the light-sensitive tissue at the back of your eye. This tissue is extremely important, as it plays a vital role in your ability to see.

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