Taking an image of the back of the eye is a regular part of your routine eye exam. In the past, this was typically achieved by dilating the pupil, resulting in light sensitivity for several hours after your appointment. Anh Nguyen Ophthalmology is now offering Optomap instead, an advanced system that has several benefits for both patients and physicians.

What is Optomap?

Optomap is a new technology for ophthalmologists which takes a digital scan of the back of the eye. This allows your ophthalmologist to easily view the retina and screen for signs of eye conditions or disease.

Optomap images are taken quickly and are comfortable for the patient. Nothing touches the eye, and patients simply look into a keyhole-like opening in the device with one eye at a time, while a flash of light indicates that the images have been taken. This process is simple and fast for both patients and ophthalmologists.

Why is Optomap Useful?

Unlike other methods of taking images of the back of the eye, Optomap requires no dilation drops, which can cause prolonged light sensitivity or other discomfort for patients. The procedure is completely painless and comfortable.

Optomap images allow your physician to screen for eye complications associated with the retina that can lead to vision impairment or blindness. In addition, images can help to detect disease including cancer, stroke, or cardiovascular disease.

Images are then saved so your ophthalmologist can compare them year after year to monitor for any changes in your retina. These images also allow your physician to view more of the retina compared to other technologies.

FAQs about Optomap

Why are retina exams important?

Many diseases can be detected early by reviewing images of the retina, even if you have no other symptoms present. This helps to protect your overall health as well as your eye health.

Are there side effects of Optomap?

There are no adverse side effects of the Optomap procedure, as images are taken through a non-invasive and low-intensity laser.

What is an Optomap?

Optomap is a digital image of the retina achieved using laser technology.

What are the benefits of Optomap?

Optomap allows your doctor to detect problems regarding your health quickly through a non-invasive and overall comfortable procedure. Images of the retina can also be saved to compare them after future exams.

Is Optomap safe for children?

Children can have images taken through Optomap. In fact, retinal imaging such as Optomap is an important part of a child's regular eye exam.

Does Optomap hurt?

The Optomap procedure is completely painless and is completed in less than a second.

How often should I have an Optomap?

Your physician will advise when you should have an Optomap taken, however, it is generally recommended as part of your routine eye exam.

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