EVO ICL in McLean, VA

We are conveniently located so that all the residents of McLean have access to our office. No matter what your eye concern is, whether it’s a new issue or something you’ve been struggling with for a long time, our team at Anh Nguyen Ophthalmology can help you achieve the best eye health possible.

What is EVO ICL?

An EVO ICL, or implantable collamer lens, is a type of artificial lens that is used to correct refractive errors in your vision. It’s similar to a contact lens, but instead of needing to change it or take it out, it’s placed in front of your natural eye lens and behind your iris. It can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. And because it’s almost invisible on the eye, it can be a great alternative to glasses. It’s also a good option for those who can’t have laser surgery.

Laser Eye Surgery in McClean, VA

Lasers and laser surgery have been working wonders for people struggling with a variety of eye concerns for years. They are precise and effective, and with the expertise of our team at Anh Ophthalmology, you can restore your vision and see the world with a crystal-clear view.


LASIK surgery, or Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis, is one of the most popular laser vision surgeries available today. The procedure uses laser technology to reshape the cornea and address nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. With a track record of achieving 20/25 vision or better, LASIK is a great option for many of our patients at Anh Nguyen Ophthalmology.


PRK, or photorefractive keratectomy, is a type of refractive surgery that is similar to LASIK, but instead of the laser creating or corneal flap to reshape the cornea, PRK completely removes the top layer of the cornea. This offers similar results but comes with a longer recovery period. Most people opt for PRK because LASIK surgery isn’t an option for them for whatever reason.

Laser Cataract Surgery

Laser cataract surgery offers some of the best precision and accuracy when it comes to eliminating cataracts in the eyes and giving patients back their vision. A tiny incision is made in the cornea, and the laser is used to break up and eliminate the cataract. An appropriate lens can then be placed to correct any refractive errors, if necessary. The surgery is quick but can make a huge difference to your vision.

Eye Conditions in McLean, VA\

Cornea Problems

There are a variety of problems that can affect the cornea, including everything from an injury to conditions like dry eye syndrome and keratoconus. Some of the conditions we treat at Anh Nguyen Ophthalmology include:

  • Keratitis: Keratitis is the inflammation of the cornea and is often caused by a slight injury, bacteria, virus, or fungi.
  • Dry eye syndrome: Dry eye syndrome is one of the most common eye conditions and can cause the cornea to feel dry and itchy. It’s typically due to a malfunction in tear production.
  • Keratoconus: This condition causes the cornea to become cone-shaped and bulge forward, causing blurry vision.
  • Fuch’s Dystrophy: This disorder causes the endothelial cells to die off and can lead to fluid building up in the cornea, leading to swelling and blindness
  • Pterygium: Pterygium is a type of growth that appears on the surface of the cornea and is usually due to excessive amounts of UV exposure.

A few of the surgeries we use to correct cornea problems include the following:

  • Laser surgery: Phototherapeutic keratectomy (PTK) and LASIK use laser technology to reshape and restore the cornea.
  • Corneal transplant: A corneal transplant removes the damaged part of the cornea and replaces it with donor tissue.
  • Anterior lamellar keratoplasty: This procedure removes diseased or damaged stromal tissue and replaces it with healthy donor tissue. This is used when keratoconus, corneal scarring, or dystrophy is an issue.
  • Corneal cross-linking: This procedure is used to improve keratoconus. It works by strengthening the cornea and stopping the condition from progressing further. 

Retina Problems

Several different eye conditions can affect the retina, with some more common than others. The retinal concerns we treat at Anh Nguyen Ophthalmology include:

Laser surgery, cryopexy (freezing treatment), vitrectomy, and scleral buckle are all procedures we use to help treat retina problems.


Glaucoma is a serious condition that can cause permanent damage to the optic nerve and lead to permanent vision loss. How does this happen? It occurs when the drainage system in the eye becomes blocked, and fluid builds up. The fluid buildup causes the intraocular pressure to increase and can push the eye back on the optic nerve. This can result in damage and, ultimately, vision loss. By catching glaucoma early, we can prevent permanent vision problems.


Ptosis occurs when the levator muscle that raises your upper eyelid becomes stretched and weak over time. It can cause the eyelid to droop and obstruct your vision. Luckily, with the help of ptosis surgery, we can lift your eyelid to a better position and improve your vision quickly and easily.

About McLean, VA

McLean is located in Fairfax County, Virginia, and has a population of around 48,500. Because it’s located so close to Washington D.C., McLean is where many military families, diplomats, and government officials live. It’s also home to a number of Fortune 500 companies, parks and nature preserves, and a variety of dining, shopping, and entertainment opportunities.


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