What You Need to Know About Contact Lenses

June 13, 2019

Have you always needed aid to see clearly? Many people go their entire lives needed glasses to help them see. If you are tired of wearing glasses and have not tried contact lenses yet, this is the time to try them. Contact lenses offer more comfort and have better options as opposed to glasses. It also allows you to see clearly without glasses disrupting your daily life. Anh Nguyen Ophthalmology offers patients a variety of contact lenses for vision correction and other eye treatments. Many people are good candidates for eye contacts, but many people refrain from going for them because of fear and anxiety. When you get contact lenses, you also get assistance on how to place them on the eye and take them out.

Contact lenses options

When you come in for your contact lens consultation, we will discuss the variety of lenses available to you. The following are some of the contact lenses options available at Anh Nguyen Ophthalmology:

Soft lenses: close to 90% of adults that wear contact lenses use soft lenses. The most popular soft lenses are made using silicone hydrogel polymers. Soft lenses are the right choice for you because more oxygen flows in them than traditional lenses. If you have dry-eye issues, these are the lenses for you because they retain moisture that is lost. There are disposable lenses that you can use each day, which ensures less debris builds up in your eye, and you experience improved comfort.

Hybrid contact lenses: these are not as common because they are pricy and harder to fit. They provide the comfort of soft lenses with the strength of hard optics.

Hard lenses: hard lenses have an array of benefits such as increased durability, improved vision, and increased oxygen flow. Hard lenses have better vision than soft lenses but are more expensive. The downside is, they require time to get used to and comfortable with because they do not stay in place easily.

Lenses for dry eyes: there are plenty of contact lenses that are specially designed for people with dry eyes. These lenses are designed to retain moisture longer than normal lenses. Ensure you ask our doctors at Anh Nguyen Ophthalmology for options if you have dry eyes. One exceptional example of lenses for dry eyes is scleral lenses that are full of fluid to provide moisture.

Multifocal lenses: this design of contact lenses is made to correct both distance and reading vision. They provide better vision and are disposable every day as much as you want. The ideal candidate for this lens is a Presbyopic patient and a person that wears reading glasses.

How to take care of your lenses

  1. Do not sleep with contacts on

Sleeping with your contact lenses increases your risk of contracting eye infections. Studies have shown that people who sleep with contact lenses contract eye infections that will give rise to perforated corneal ulcer and other cornea infections. Poor hygiene also increases the chances of eye infection, for instance, wearing your lenses for longer than is required.

  1. Wear prescribed lenses

Lenses are medical devices approved by the FDA; therefore, it is advisable to get a prescribed set. Most people that wear contact lenses from questionable sources are at a higher risk of contracting eye infections.

  1. Avoid water contact with your lenses

Water contains germs that can stick to your lenses and increase your risk of infections. If you want to shower or swim, remove your contact lenses first.

  1. Wash your hands

Always wash your hands before touching lenses to avoid contaminating them.

  1. Have annual eye exams

This is important if you are aging because you are prone to eye related problems. Annual exams ensure any eye problem is caught early before it advances and causes further damage to your eye.

Schedule a Consultation

If you have been considering getting contact lenses, then come in for a consultation to see if this is a good option for you. Contact Anh Nguyen Ophthalmology today and book an appointment for an eye check-up.

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