Layla Kominiak

Refractive Surgery Coordinator

For over 9 years I’ve helped guide patients through the process of improving their vision. As a professional, my first priority is YOU; whether it’s developing a payment plan, finding the right options under your insurance, or making sure you have everything you need on surgery day. I’m happy to help with any of your questions about Refractive surgeries, Cosmetic procedures and other inquiries you may have.

My love of helping others comes from my upbringing in Oklahoma and Texas. And I love to think I bring some of that warm southern charm to the Washington, DC area. My job is to make sure every part of your treatment goes perfectly – and I pride myself on doing it all with a smile (and joke or two). When I’m not in the office, I enjoy working in my garden, spending time with friends, community service and my next big travel adventure with my husband. When I’m in the office my only priority is making sure you have all the support you need to make your vision treatment a success.

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